Anxiety is funny thing

As someone who probably has too much time on their hands to think about how they feel, I’m really surprised how suddenly it hit me, and I didn’t even notice it.
Tuesday morning I went to Pilates and I overdid it. By the afternoon I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move without my heart racing and felt like my chest was tightening around my lungs. So Elliott and I went to the Cancer Centre and firstly had a blood test. It showed that I was perfectly fine, in fact even BETTER than fine. Then they did an EKG on me and it showed that my heart was GREAT. In fact they said it looked like I’d never even had chemo because my heart was working so well.
So then we had to chalk the whole experience up to anxiety or stress. I didn’t feel stressed, but the realisation that I was supposed to go in for a blood test on Wednesday had been eating at me. What would it show? Would I have to go to hospital again? Would I need another transfusion?
So I went home, perfectly healthy and really frustrated because I thought they’d find a medical reason as to why I couldn’t breathe.
Wednesday morning I woke up and I was fine, and have been since. I’m so happy that today is a lovely sunny day and I’m going to make the most of it!