No more smoothies, please!

Sorry it’s been a few days! Since I was checked back into Parkside it’s been a slew of one appointment after another. Hospital is not a restful place! There are long days of consultants coming in to inspect all the surgical sites, new dressings done by nurses, physio, dietitian’s, blood draws, visitors etc. By the time I’ve had my lunch I am so worn out I just fall asleep on my bed!

The hospital sent me a dietitian for a couple reasons: my liver hasn’t quite bounced back from the abuse it’s received over the last couple of weeks and because of all the weight I’ve lost. (I’m sitting at about 50kg/110 pounds). So they thought it would be good for me to start drinking fruit/veg smoothies and taking vitamin b. No sooner do I finish a meal but a smoothie arrives. No sooner do I finish a smoothie but another one arrives. They are trying to kill me with smoothies! Hahaha Amazing what a difference a week makes doesn’t it? Last week I was in the ICU and this week I’m moaning about smoothies!! I love first-world problems 😂

Tomorrow I finally get to go home! I get to have kisses from my babies and get to sleep in my own bed! I can’t wait!!