Plastic Surgeon Visit

Yesterday I went to see the plastic surgeon and she removed (fairly painfully!) all the tape over all the incisions and I finally got a glimpse of what we’ve all suffered so much to achieve. I know I’ve said before how I was angry that science hasn’t come far enough along, but I have to say I’m so amazed at what I can now see in the mirror.

I have two boobs that aren’t boobs, but look exactly like boobs. My left side (where I had the mastectomy in 2017) is really amazing. There’s no hard edge of the implant, the skin is warm (before it was ice cold) and it’s all squishy just like a normal boob.

The right side is rock hard and also quite a bit bigger size-wise, (the left side had a part that failed so it was taken out in the second surgery). My surgeon said it will take another six weeks to see what the difference in symmetry will be. But goodness it’s pretty amazing!!

The backs of my legs ache the most but I think that’s because it has direct pressure from sitting down. The only other pain is from having my lymphnodes taken out but I know that will take a really long time to feel better.

So baby steps! Really really small ones!