Results are In!

No sooner had I posted that I was still waiting to get my genetic results, then my doctor calls me to tell me that everything they’ve tested for is negative. 9 different things, all negative.

I got really upset about it, and it’s taken me a few days to reconcile my feelings. Basically it would have been nice to have an answer on why I’ve had three bouts of breast cancer. Why has this happened to me three times? I don’t tick any of the boxes, don’t fall into any of the typical categories.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s great that I don’t have any of the obvious genetic mutations. It’s a relief that it most likely means our girls don’t have them either. I just am a person that likes all the answers, I hate unknowns…

So now what? I’ve been put into a database of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ with my genetic counsellor. If there are any new tests to run in the future I’ll get an invite to come be tested again. So now (so far as I know) I’m just like everyone else. I’ve got a free pass to go live my life. 🙂