Genetic Testing Time

I went into London yesterday for another doctors appointment, this one took me to The Royal Marsden (for my USA friends it’s a famous cancer hospital). One of the bricks in the building said it was well over 100 years old. I kept thinking that when they laid the foundations they had to have been hoping their building would be doing something else in ten years. They had to have been hoping that with all the extra funding and research they would cure cancer. Here we are 122 years later and still full of hope, but gosh it kinda sucks doesn’t it?? 122 years??

The appointment I went to yesterday was to meet with my genetics counsellor. I ended up having a blood test for nine different genes 🧬. (I know I’m already BRCA negative but since I did that test there are now seven additional genes we can test for). The best part is that I will get the results in about three weeks time! Depending on the results we will go from there, and realistically if I’m clear of everything then it could very well mean our science hasn’t discovered all the other possible reasons for having had bilateral breast cancer. I’m surprising myself with this journey as I’m not scared or upset. I don’t feel hopeful either, I feel more like I will deal with whatever the results are. I guess that’s the outcome from having been in the ICU on a ventilator, I feel like a bit of a badass who can deal with anything!! (Remind me I said that the next time I’m stressed about a first-world problem!!) hahaha