The Cat Came Back!

Omg I’m like the cat that kept coming back! Or the amazing resurrecting woman!

I honestly don’t know what happened. What I do know is that Wednesday morning my surgeons saw another hematoma show up on my chest and they needed to perform surgery immediately. Within the hour I was back in the operating theatre and then everything went wrong.

Apparently they couldn’t get my oxygen levels back up. I don’t remember much. I know they transferred me to a bigger nearby hospital, St George’s. I remember the ambulance ride to the bigger hospital. I remember having the tube in my throat, the suctioning of my lungs. Gosh I guess I remember quite a bit, but it must have been so scary for Elliott and his parents, for our family and friends.

I’m still at the bigger hospital. I have a tube that’s feeding me until I get strong enough and then it will be removed and I’ll be transferred back to my private hospital where I’ll stay a few days.

But right now I’m feeling so much better. Thank you for all the messages and texts, I’ve not had my phone the last few days as we tried to figure out my pain medicines and nausea but I will reply to all of you!

Lots of love!