Still Waiting

I know it’s been awhile! Life has taken over again, just as it probably should. We had Emilia christened and it was a lovely sunny day. I’ve started back to work and it’s been okay, lovely to see people again, but it’s very difficult to sit for long periods of time on my scars. I’m very lucky in that I just have to say I have to go walk around for a minute, they are all very understanding!

In other news I’m STILL waiting on my genetic results!! What was supposed to be three weeks has now turned into six. Very annoyed by that entire situation but it’s out of my control so I just have to be more patient.

I’m feeling really well, I’m able to move almost like my surgeries never happened. My scars burn and ache, but not for too long. I’m still going to physio and a counsellor and both are really helpful. I did come to the realisation last week that I just can’t handle stressful things very well. It seems that my resilience has really been knocked down, small things feel really overwhelming. I know it’s probably not a surprise to anyone but me! I feel so much better just acknowledging that I’m still healing from what’s happened. I didn’t realise it, I thought I was over all of it so I was a bit surprised!

I’ve been busy planning holidays and fun things, building things to do with friends and family. It’s amazing that I get to design this life of mine into whatever I want. What an honour!!!