Cancer Day 45 / IVF Day 6: Itchy and swollen

Had to take a couple days off from analysing my every feeling etc. I’ve been so busy (intentionally so) so that I don’t sit around and stew in my apprehension.
I have figured out that maybe having chemo is like having a baby, and until you go through it once you don’t know what it’s going to be like. I think it’s the unknown. I’m assured that this won’t kill me so it’s just a matter of how to survive it feeling the best, feeling my strongest and then managing the repetitiveness of it over the coming months.
I had another ultrasound yesterday and we started the second injection. Everything is in order but I’m starting to feel really bloated, and I have an ache in my left side. I’ve got 10 follicles all (hopefully) maturing eggs. I’d be happy with any number to be honest….
The second injection is a blocker to keep me from ovulating all my eggs. It went in fine and then started to itch, and the injection site itched for a good hour. Was a bit annoyed with that, but I injected myself again!! And now I can watch the needle go in as I do it. Honestly I can’t even feel it, but even if I could I am damn happy that I could face my fear on it.
One fear at a time…

Feeling: Okay