Cancer Day 70 / Chemo Session 1/7: Another surgery :(

So the good news is that my bloods have bounced back, which means I can still have chemo this week 🙂 I was dreading them trying to postpone it. I want to get through this as quickly as possible! But during another test of my port today I had another vasovagal response….not nearly as bad as Friday’s episode but still gave me a fright. So I’m going to have to have surgery again to fix it and drag the line away from my heart. Elliott is upset with the radiologist who put it in, not understanding how the guy could get it wrong, but I’m fine about it. Maybe my heart is just so big and strong it sucked the line in!
So I’m just waiting to hear when the surgery can happen…I’m guessing they will do it Wednesday and then I’ll still have chemo on Thursday. Elliott and I bought tickets to see the new Mission Impossible movie for Wednesday night and we were going to have a nice sushi dinner. I really hope we can still do that. I can’t remember the last time we had a nice evening out just us.

Feeling: Drained