Cancer Day 8: The right one is good

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and positive vibes, it seems to have worked!!
I’ve opted for surgery and it’s next TUESDAY (as early as humanly possible) I’m going to have just the tumour itself removed and then some lymph nodes under the armpit to check if the cancer has spread. All being perfect I go home the same day. If not then I have to stay in hospital for a few days.
Once they do some pathology work on the little b*stard and determine which type of nasty it is, and once my breast is healed a bit I will start the secondary treatment. I know I will have at least 3 weeks of radiation treatment but it could also be pills or chemo. Again it depends on what they discover.
I’m so thankful for all of you and the outpouring of love I’ve experienced through the past few days. Thank you again so much xxx 

Feeling: Loved