Cancer Free / Day 102: Happy Birthday to Me

A few weeks ago one of the things my oncologist told me was to make sure I tell Elliott all my aches and pains. Not to whine or complain, but let him know what’s what so he can help to decide if something is dragging on too long or if something strange is happening.
Well my hips have been hurting for quite awhile now and the pain has only been getting worse. So we spoke to my doctor and she booked me in for an MRI. Have you ever had one? Firstly I didn’t know I’d be able to have one because of the plate in my wrist but apparently it’s not magnetic. I went for my scan last Friday and it was agonising. They put a big heavy plate on top of my pelvis and tied my feet together and I lay in that noisy machine for almost an hour. Then I spent all weekend anxious about my results, and lucky for me I got to go to the Cancer Centre on my birthday to find out that it was nothing sinister.
Turns out I have a disk in my very lower back that has bulged out a bit. My nerve endings everywhere are all messed up because of the chemo I’ve had so with the extra weight from carrying my laptop to and from work it’s caused pressure on my disc which is reverberating pain into my hips. I just need physio and to continue to let my body heal from the chemo and hopefully in the future I’ll be relatively pain free. All good news really!
But the stress of the appointment and the worry caused me to be pretty down Monday and part of Tuesday. Not really the best way to spend your birthday but I did feel lucky to see another one. My birthday wish is to get my cycle back. I’m over the average time it takes to get it back after Zolardex. So fingers crossed xx
Feeling: Relieved