Cancer Free / Day 153: Roller Coaster

So for the whole month of April I’ve been pretty up and down. On a Monday I start out feeling great, loads of energy etc. and by Friday I have a sore throat and feel generally down. Taking Lemsip and trying to keep it together. I rest on the weekend and by Monday I’m fine again. This keeps happening to me. I’ve been to the GP a couple times and have explained the process and they think I’m not getting quality sleep because I can’t breathe. So we’re going to try some strong allergy medicine to see if it helps open up my airway. I also had a blood test to see how my levels are and if my thyroid has been impaired somehow. (I used to be a human pincushion and had loads of needles all the time in me. But now I get a needle and I flinch, it hurts and I get a bit weepy remembering back to the things that I’ve been through. It’s amazing how quickly you block out the pain and the hurt.)
So my oncologist gave me a physical exam and said she felt some cysts in my left breast and then we started the process of being freaked out again, so we met with our surgeon and he said my oncologist shouldn’t be allowed to examine me again! I had an ultrasound that same day and it’s all fine and clear. But the stress. The stress of all of it just really wears me down, wears us down.
So now I’m still waiting to hear about my blood test results. I’m assuming that since it’s been 5 days that I’m okay. That someone would have called me if it was otherwise? I’ve been told by everyone it’s normal to be this tired and rundown after all the treatment. That it just takes time to get through. I’m not a very patient person!! I want more energy! It’s been 6 months and it’s getting annoying.
In other news I also had my first physio appointment which went well. They don’t think I have back problems, but more that my hips are out of alignment. I’ve been given some exercises to do and once I get a bit stronger I can go to Pilates and eventually yoga.
So now I just wait for my results. Elliott and I are leaving for a week in Vegas on Sunday. It will be nice to be in the sun and to have a break but I already miss Evie. I know it will go by really fast though. Plus Tom is coming out for the week to hang out with me. I just need a break. Sleep, eat, shop and sun. Maybe all that will help me heal a bit faster….