Cancer Free / Day 5: I’m healing!

Have had some great news! I had an appointment with my oncologist and my reflexes are coming back. She hit me with her rubber hammer and I nearly kicked her 🙂 My digits are still numb but the fact that I’m healing, and so quickly, is something to be really thankful for.
I had an appointment with my hypnotherapist yesterday and brought her up to speed on everything. She said she was amazed at my positivity and really questioned why I always thought I was a negative person. I really think I was before, or maybe just pessimistic. But now I’m happier then I’ve ever been and wanting to have fun and live my life. I used to put all the emphasis on my career and wanting to be the best I could be at it, working night and weekends to improve myself…but now I know that my family is the most important thing. Taking care of our girl, my husband and myself are my top priorities. It was nice seeing how much I’ve grown from her perspective over the past few months.
The other great thing is that she gave me an article that went through some stages for after treatment is done, written by a psychologist. Basically healing and coming to terms with what’s happened and who the new you is. It really brought to light for me that what I’m going through is normal, but MORE importantly is that Elliott read it and now understands more that I’m not done healing and processing.
We’ve booked in to go to Dubai for a week whilst Elliott is there for work. I’m so looking forward to just being warm, playing at the beach with my girl and taking it easy. I can’t get in the sun but I’m okay with that. 🙂

Feeling: Happy