CANCER, PART 2: DAY 26: All done!

Hello everyone, I’m back! Sorry it’s taken me so long to post, but damn that was some surgery!
So some good news, my surgeon only had to remove two of my lymph nodes because upon checking them, there’s no evidence of any cancer in them. This means no evidence of spread!!!! YAY
Obviously pathology will be done on everything but this is the absolute best news we could have hoped for.
So now I’m healing. The first few hours after surgery were fine, last night was pretty tough though. I realised why they wanted to keep me in for 5 days. I have these sexy compression socks on and they strapped my legs into these velcro straps. Every 20 seconds they’d alternate filling with air so that I won’t develop a blood clot.
They kept wanting to check out my chest (I mean who doesn’t really!?) Then each time I needed the loo I had to be unhooked from the velcro boots and the saline bags etc. I also have two drains coming out of my breast and running into two bottles on the floor next to me. It’s collecting blood and fluid so that I don’t swell up. (also sexy)
Then if it wasn’t the loo then I was in pain so needing more morphine. It took me awhile to figure out that ‘Oramorph’ meant oral morphine, but I got there in the end.
So last night I probably got 3 hours of sleep.
I also keep hallucinating. I just dreamt that I was in here getting a sex change operation but I only had enough money for one side!
Thanks again for all the lovely messages. It was nice to wake up to seeing all of them.