Well goodness me this was an interesting day. I’m not sure why I got it into my head I shouldn’t be on morphine, but in the middle of the night I decided I didn’t want it anymore.

By 6am I was shaking and in pain so they tried to give me codeine but it wasn’t helping so they gave me more codeine. Then I was like a nauseous space cadet. All I wanted to do was hurl everywhere, so they gave me anti nausea medicine.
Finally after a few hours I was okay and out of my miserable drug haze but not after having a good cry.
I might be moving into the angry stage that so many of you were in when you found out. I feel like I got the worst deal of the century right now. I’m feeling really sorry for myself and in shock that this is happening to me. So many people think I’m brave but I can tell you that I am having my wobbles…
So what else did I do today, I had some lovely visitors and a decent lunch, then a nap…only to wake up with a weird bite on my arm. They called a doctor in and they can’t figure out what it is. But I have doors going out onto a roof that I can’t really open up very much. Nothing flies in, but I get good air flow into my room. So just in case the culprit was trapped in the bed the nurses came in and changed all my linens and my gown.
I saw my surgeon and he said I’m doing well. So they moved me onto oral antibiotics and took out my cannula. They also took out one of my drains.
Holy hell what a weird experience that was. 8 inches of plastic tubing stuck under my skin that had to be pulled out! Not painful so much as not right.
So the rest of my evening will consist of Banoffee Pie (my favourite!) and maybe a film 🙂