CANCER, PART 2: DAY 35: So what’s it been like?

I have gotten this question more times then I can count. Given that I can’t sleep because I’m in pain and the next pain pill is in an hour I thought I’d enlighten you. :p I might have said some of this stuff before so apologies, but I’m in pain so give a girl a break!
Both Elliott and I think the surgery was much easier than we thought it would be. Even when I got home Ell said he thought I was going to be a vegetable. His words.
Healing time is amazingly fast. On Tuesday it will already be two weeks. That happened very quickly!
I was warned that reconstruction would be to create a ‘breast mound’ so that clothes would fit properly but that I’m not going to be able to go enter a bikini contest anytime soon. In spite of the overtones and drama I’m pretty happy with it actually. My surgeon made it as natural looking as he possibly could with only muscle and implant and radiated skin. When the purple bruises subside and the swelling is gone I might even eventually be happy with it. But it’s far from natural. The new boob doesn’t know what gravity is, it doesn’t understand yet. It isn’t soft and it’s hard as a brick. It’s twice as heavy as my normal one. Apparently it will learn a bit, fall in line, discover the rules. Side by side they don’t know each other but could be distant cousins. But in a bra they are indistinguishable. And implants don’t apparently last forever. I have to go every 10-15 years and get them replaced. So maybe eventually this blog will be called Just a boob, and another, and another, and another!! lol :p
I’m so glad the old boob is frozen in a lab somewhere. It tried to kill me, twice!! The hell we’ve all gone through and the hell I’m about to endure again because of a bit of fat stuck to my chest. It’s more ridiculous then I have words for. I gave my daughter life and fed her for 8 months with that boob, and then it tried to kill me. So I don’t even actually care what it looks like. I had a choice of having nothing, so I’m glad I have something to fill a shirt out. But I’m much less cosmetic and all about killing cancer.