Hi everyone, sorry I’ve not been on here, but I was lucky enough to get home Friday night just in time for Evie to arrive home from pre-school and then we had a lovely weekend catching up with friends and family.
I’m feeling so much better then last week! I’m obviously still tired and have other issues now from being on antibiotics, but I’m fever-free and that makes me feel amazing! My counts are all going down but I still have an immune system so it’s helping me. It’s confirmed I did have an infection on board last week, which was very soon but anything is possible when you’re on chemo!
So now what? This is what I know:
  • My platelets are way down, which is normal and expected. Currently sitting at 42, I think a normal person might be around 130-400.
  • My platelets will continue to go down this week and next week they will start to come up.
  • I volunteered to have my second bit of chemo I missed last week but apparently I missed my moment, I won’t complain!! My platelets are too low to have it now.
  • I got some sad news regarding my submission into the genomics study. They weren’t able to pull out enough cancer cells in the samples I provided to get the genomic data off my cancer. So we won’t know any details about this cancer that I had. On the other hand, it’s sort of nice there wasn’t enough there to do anything with. Very small!! Hopefully we’ll have some information about my normal genome to see if anything additional comes back regarding BRCA.

Next Monday I go for another blood test and see if I’ll be able to have chemo next week. They think they gave me a bit too much Carboplatin so we might have to postpone chemo a few days until my platelets come back up again.

I have to be mindful now of getting cha chas, oral thrush (because of antibiotics) and have to be gentle. No bruises or excessive shaving! I can also become anemic.

And that’s it! I feel so normal but I’ve been assured many times now that my bloodwork shows that the chemo is definitely working. So now I can kick back and live my life, much…MUCH more normally than I thought I’d be able to!! I know next time will be a bit different with the other added chemo drug, so I’m going to make the most of this time I have 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m feeling ridiculously positive and happy right now, hope you noticed! xoxo