Port removal imminent!!

It’s all good news! Blood counts are low but not too low. I’m all the usual things, anemic, low platelets etc. but I just need a few weeks I think and I’ll be good.
I had my check up with my surgeon and he’s still dismayed at how ‘skinny’ I am. My implant has settled well and he’s happy with the progress of it so far. It’s weird, I remember even talking about nipplegate and being really comfortable about sharing so much, but now that it’s part of me it feels so strange talking about it! haha
Anyways where my chest muscle overlays the implant there’s a ridge where you can see where the two meet. My surgeon said in 6 months we could do a bit of liposuction from my stomach/thighs and then inject it into the top of the breast to add a bit of fat back in and help it all smooth out. Honestly I’m perfectly happy with how it looks. I did tell him I think it pushes into my armpit a bit but he said it should move over with more time.
So, onto the important part, getting my port removed!! 23rd January I have this nasty little thing removed then a week of rest before I go back to work. I’m so excited!! Hooray!!