Proactive Scanning…

A few months ago I complained to my oncologist that I hate having to sit around and panic about every ache and pain, every cough…wondering if I somehow have cancer and its spread. We agreed I’d get to do a PETCT in March, after turning 40, to just make sure that nothing has changed. 
So last Friday I fasted, made my way to Parkside Hospital, and did my crazy radioactive injection and scan. I had to wait all weekend for the results and finally found out on Monday that I’m still cancer-free. 

I also had blood tests done and they were all clear. No tumour markers, no signs of menopause, only issue is that I have been taking too much Vitamin D, so I’m to stop immediately. 
There is no better news to get. 

I have my yearly mammogram/ultrasound in June, otherwise I don’t have to see my oncologist again until next Spring. 
In the meantime, I’m going to tick a huge item off my “List of Funness”, next week when we fly to Florida and I can finally stand in front of that epic, amazing castle and feel like the princess I know I am!! I also get to see some of my family, many of them I’ve not gotten to see since before I had cancer the first time. I’m looking forward to every moment of it!