CANCER, PART 2: DAY 41: Blechy blechness

Clindamycin side effect – metallic or unpleasant taste in your mouth
Yeah, that sounds about right. I keep waking up at 3am feeling like my tongue is covered in hair. I’m drinking loads of water and peppermint tea to help it but I feel like my body is saturated with antibiotic. I don’t feel like it’s getting any better but at least it’s not getting any worse so that’s a good thing.
I’m feeling so fatigued. Today I haven’t gotten out of bed. Curtains open, curtains closed. Don’t feel down, but just feel so worn out. I have no energy. None. Evie is wearing me out I’m in bed by 9 each night.
I know it will get better over time but damn I’m not a patient person!!