All Finished!

So here we are, I’ve lost count of what day Cancer it is so I’ll add that in later.
But basically I’ve had a really good time since I’ve been out of hospital. I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends and was able to have my last chemo yesterday! I’m so happy right now, that even with my side effects coming on, it doesn’t matter as I don’t ever have to do this again (I hope!)
My hands and feet are tingly, and I know they will go as this is my last time. I keep saying it to myself over and over again in my head. Such an amazing cure!!!
I have a few blood tests over the next few weeks to check my levels. I will probably have another blood transfusion before Christmas and I’ve been cleared to go on our group ski trip in January, and even to ski if I really want to! I’m more of the spa type girl really!
Then in January I’ll have my port removed and then start my slow transition back to work! So many great things to look forward to 🙂