All the dates…

After you’ve had breast cancer (twice!?) it seems as if your life is encompassed by dates. 
3 years since my first diagnosis.
6 months since I finished treatment.
Nearly one year since my second diagnosis.
Constantly surrounded by dates.
What they tell you is that after triple-negative breast cancer what you want to get to is 2 years without a recurrence. If you can get there then 5 is the next milestone. But at 2 people start breathing a bit easier…
I wonder if that will actually be true. If my life would take a giant exhale….and then relax a bit. Hopefully I’ll know what that feels like this time next year.
I hope I will. It can be a little oppressive sometimes with this cancer cloud following you wherever you go…

Lately my newsfeed seems to be filled with articles about how fast medical technology is catching up with treatment. Just yesterday there was one shouting about how they’ve created a genetic test that can save us from the “gruelling treatment of chemo”. If you read carefully though it doesn’t apply to people like me. My cancer didn’t have any other treatment available, so for me I did what I had to do. If I hadn’t, I might not be here right now and then I wouldn’t get to see my baby turn 4 next week…it’s a constant sobering realisation.

So 3 years I’m still here… I’m still here. 🙂