We’ve finally moved!

Hello everyone 🙂 What a crazy summer has turned out to be! We’ve been so busy that it’s taken me this long to sit down and rationalise all of it. 
The biggest news being that we have moved house. We finally found a house that we LOVE, in the town we’ve been trying to move to for a couple years. (When we saw the house we made an offer on it within the hour!!) We haven’t moved into our new place just yet, but hopefully the last weekend of September we will sleep in our new home. It also means that we are able to have Evie start at the school we found for her. We are staying in an Airbnb temporarily, and while it’s less than ideal, we’re still feeling very grateful for our many blessings.
In the meantime we’re enjoying our new place. We are so much closer to friends and family and with new places to explore. We can see trees and sky…we have new walks, playgrounds and villages…heaven! 
I hope that all of your days are filled with as much fun and joy…lots of love to you all! Xoxoxo