Being Frankenstein

Well I just got back from my appointment with a plastic surgeon and it appears I have just enough fat in my thighs to make one boob from it, but not enough for two, so the surgeon wants to give me a free tummy tuck to be able to make a second boob.

There was quite a bit of info being thrown at me this morning. I was pinched, prodded, and measured with a tape measure. Elliott was on the phone asking questions whilst I was told about all the different scars and wires and drains that would be making an appearance.

I’m weighing up the pros and cons right now whilst I stuff my face with cake to try to get fatter. In a little bit I am going to have a zoom call with a recent patient of my surgeon’s who has had the exact same procedures we are proposing for me. Lots of fact finding!

When I was leaving the house this morning I saw Emilia’s little shoes, waiting to go to nursery today and my heart broke a bit. I can’t imagine being away from my girls for so long. I know it’s just a week, but it seems a long time to me. 🙁