In the Diary

So we finally have a date, 22nd January. In two weeks time I’ll have a few things done:

Firstly I will have a sentinel node biopsy where they will make a cut into my right armpit, take out 1-2 lymphnodes and check them for cancer. If they are clear the area will be stitched up. If they aren’t, then they remove all of them from the armpit.

Secondly, I will have a right-side size reduction, because I need it to be the size of the left one. They will then do a mastectomy on it. The scars from that will be around the nipple, one coming down from it and one underneath.

Thirdly they will do a DIEP flap procedure and a PAP flap procedure. This means cutting blood vessels, tissue and fat away from just under my bum cheeks on my thighs, and also across my stomach. It’s pretty hardcore.

Finally I will have my implant on the left taken out and both breasts will be shaped using my own tissue.

I’ll be in the high dependency ward for a couple days and then in hospital for probably 5-7 nights.

When I get home I’ll not be able to lift anything or drive for 4-6 weeks and complete healing time is around three months.

I’m still not believing I’m actually going to go through with this but I’ve been speaking to a woman who just had it all done with my surgeon. She’s four weeks post op and she said she’s very happy with the outcome. She said the first week was hell but she’s recovering quickly and she’s just finished chemo. Her hope was that since I’m fit and healthy that I’d bounce back even faster. I’m glad I have such amazing support around me through all of this.

My secret hope is that they will discover my thighs are much fatter than they thought and they won’t have to cut into my stomach. That would be amazing!

So there you have it.