Cancer Day 102 / Chemo Session 4/8: Hit me hard

So yesterday was okay. I was glad that it was the last of the first four. Everyone I’ve talked to says that AC is the hardest and that the last four, Paclitaxal (Taxol) are easier.
The boring stuff:
It did hit me pretty hard. I even fell asleep whilst having it done. Must have been the antinausea drugs or something. When I got home I had some plain pasta shells and by about 4 I was really feeling nauseous. So I took a pill but then just a quick couple of hours later I demanded another one. I felt SO sick. So Elliott gave me another one and I slipped in and out of sleep for a couple hours. Woke up, had some food and then by 10 took my sleeping pill and was off in lalaland. At 2 Ell woke me to take another anti nausea pill and I was back to sleep until 8 this morning.
Then today:
We got up and went to breakfast, I went to the grocery store and then just from doing those simple things I needed a couple hours nap.
I just feel this one has hit me so much harder. In addition to the normal batch of drugs, they’ve now given me nail drops to start strengthening my nails for my next round of chemo. 3 times a day for the next couple of months. Taxol has different side effects (of which I’m sure I’ll be sharing later) but they include muscle aches/joint pain and now apparently fingernails falling off. eek!
Tomorrow will be better, each day is better and better. x

Feeling: Okay