Cancer Day 111 / Chemo Session 4/8: Night Sweats :(

I’m feeling SO much better. All my blood work from Saturday was back up and normal. It seems my liver is really taking a beating from the chemo but we’re hoping it will heal itself when this nightmare is over.
My oncologist came to see me and she wants to postpone my chemo. She says I haven’t had enough time to feel good, to feel myself again. I know it’s scheduled for Thursday but I don’t want to postpone too much. I’ve got the date of 22 October in my head as my last one ever and even though this last go was rough, I’d rather stay in hospital for the next two months then drag chemo out any longer. So Elliott and I decided we’d just postpone by a day. We will see if we can have it Friday instead. (which terribly is Elliott’s birthday!)
So my night sweats are getting worse. This morning I woke up at 5 shivering. They took my temp and it was 35, lower than it’s supposed to be. So they came in and changed my manky, sweaty sheets and I took a shower. I was able to fall asleep at 6 but woke up again at 8 and was soaked through again.
This is all due apparently to my Goserelin (Zoladex) implant that I have once a month. It shuts down my ovaries to protect them from my chemo. So I’m in menopause. I can tell you, it’s awful. I REALLY feel for all of you who have gone through this. My hot flashes are miserable. My skin feels like it’s on fire and I have to take as many clothes off as possible. Then my sweat freezes and I’m shivering trying to put them all back on again. My sweats, hot flashes. I’m just so glad it’s getting colder outside!!! 🙂