Cancer Day 117 / Chemo Session 5/8: 90 minutes Lie

When my oncologist was going through what yesterday would be like she told us we’d be in and out in 90 minutes. Music to our ears!
But we should have know it wouldn’t be anything like that…firstly the prep work was much better than previous.
1: I started off with saline drip, followed by an antihistamine and steroid
2: The antihistamine knocked me out. I slept for a few hours whilst everything was going on.
3: I do remember when they were hooking me up to the Paclitaxal they said it would run for 3 hours dripping into me. I woke up enough to question that and explained my doctor said 90 minutes. They told me, especially it being my first time, they run it slowly as to avoid any allergic reactions. Half of the side effects happen whilst actually having the treatment itself.
4: 3 hours took just forever, then when it was finished they followed it up with 5 minutes of saline. Apparently whilst the drip was running Elliott said i went from my normal peach glow to paler and then yellow pale. He kept checking me to make sure I was okay.
So round 1 of Taxol done. I feel ‘okay’. Not as bad or as rough after the first four rounds of chemo.
Only 3 left!!! Let the countdown begin 😀 😀
In other news, I had a great session with my hypnotherapist. It ended up being a massive realisation that I’m a fairly positive person. I never used to think this. I used to think I was super negative and debbie downer the whole time. I’m not sure if I was really like that or when it changed for me, but I know that last week I got to my lowest point in my whole life. Being on my own in that hospital with no Elliott etc. But even in that lowest moment, I knew I just had to hold on a bit longer and I’d be okay. That my bad feelings were only temporary and a symptom of my situation. And I did, I felt better. And I’m being even more positive knowing I’m a positive person. 🙂
I’m having some side effects, numbing in my hands, it comes and goes and isn’t there constantly. But it’s not painful. So I’m hoping things don’t get any worse. 🙂

Feeling: Okay