Cancer Day 118 / Chemo Session 5/8: My last Grandma died :(

I got some news today that really upset me, my Mom’s mom, Grandma Jean has died. She was the last of my Grandma’s and strangely my two closest ones passed within five months of one another. They were friends and that’s how my Mom and Dad met. I have such great memories of Grandma Jean when I was little. She spoiled me rotten and always let me eat anything I wanted. Even bought me cheese filled hot dogs 🙂 I’m really sad that Evie never got to meet her. In fact, she never got to meet any of her great-grandchildren. I think that’s a shame. In her later years she was bedridden and had dementia. But she was 90 and was a tough cookie. Her and my late Grandfather share the same birthday as Evie, and Evie is named after Grandma Jeans mother, Evelyn. So yeah, this hasn’t been the best year 🙁
In other news I’m feeling okay after this last treatment. The palms of my hands and my feet go numb and then come back. I’m having the most painful stomach cramps and really bad night sweats, but even through all that it’s still better than the first four doses. Elliott is in Kuwait for a few days so I’m on night watch with Evie. She’s not sleeping very well and I was awake every hour last night. Just thankful I’m still on steroids today otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to handle it.

Feeling: Tired