Cancer Day 120 / Chemo Session 5/8: Feeling more grateful

img022Evie slept so well last night! She even slept until around 8 this morning, unheard of! Now If only her Momma could sleep so well. 🙁 I woke up about four different times to use the loo and then couldn’t fall back asleep due to my terrible joint/muscle pain. I was able to see the GP this morning and got Tramadol. I won’t make a regular habit in taking it but I can say that it’s such a relief to not be in pain. I feel like if I can just get through this Friday then I can get through the next three chemo sessions with no problem. Just have to stay positive!
I was looking at bikini’s online and dreaming about our Cancun trip when I realised I don’t know if I’ll have breasts in January. Whoops! I should find out the BRCA result in the next couple of weeks so then I’ll know what kind of bikini to buy. Funny how that slipped my mind.
My mom just sent me a lovely photo of my two Grandmas. The one on the left is Grandma Mabel who passed in May, and then my Grandma Jean who passed a couple days ago. I feel so lucky to have known and been loved by them both. I just feel terrible that Evie won’t get to know them but then I’ve been thinking about all the other amazing and strong women in my life that Evie does get to know and I’m grateful for that.
I was chatting with Sam yesterday and we were talking about how shit a year this has been for me. But later I realised that it really hasn’t been. There are so many blessings that Elliott and I have. Not just in Evie, but in being able to have so many people around us that are loving us and supporting us each day. That we have an amazing Nanny who loves our girl and helps take care of her so I can take care of myself. We have things to look forward to, so many places to travel and amazing things to experience. This is such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of our lives where we’re suffering. And it’s almost over!! 🙂 Just three left….

Feeling: Tired