Cancer Day 140 / Chemo Session 6/8: Hope I’m negative…

We just had a really nice weekend the three of us. It’s so nice having Elliott home and not travelling. We were able to forget about everything that’s going on and just enjoyed Evie and all the new things that she’s learning.
Today I met with my oncologist to get ready for my second to last chemo session on Thursday. Apparently I’m neutropenic 🙁 and right now I’m not cleared for chemo. I’m a bit worried as Evie has had a runny nose. I’m hoping it’s just teething. Both of us were shocked and my doctor said that she didn’t think I’d be immunosuppressed this time. So since I am then we’ll just be extra careful for the next few weeks.
My doc also extended my antibiotics for the remainder of my time on chemo as this is the first time in a couple months I’ve not wound up in hospital. I think after this is done I’m going to get some help healing from them.
She was happy about my port removal being 10 November, and said if I’m BRCA Negative then I would start radiation the following week, that it would be every weekday and last for three weeks. I like knowing that if I’m negative, that this whole nightmare will be over before Christmas. She then said that if I’m positive that I could try to have surgery in November and then just be healing by Christmas. So we will see. I should get the BRCA results any day now….
I go back Wednesday for a meeting with a Breast Care Sister. I had a meeting with her in the beginning of treatment so they could do a check on my mental status. This is the midpoint check and then they will do another one at the end. In the same session I’ll have my blood tested again to see if I am fit for chemo on Thursday. I’m going to be so upset if I’m not okay. It’s just really weird, not that a person would physically FEEL neutropenic, because unless you get sick then it doesn’t matter. But this chemo treatment I’ve felt the best of all of them. Some pain, but nothing debilitating.
Oh yeah, one other funny thing. In the waiting room today I overheard a woman getting her steroids from the chemo pharmacist and talking to her about how they work etc. It was obvious it was going to be her first time so after the guy walked away I decided to impart some of my gained knowledge onto her. Told her to never take them after 12 noon and that really she will want to get some sleeping pills because they will keep her up at night etc. that she’d just need the sleeping pills for the nights she takes the steroids. The woman definitely didn’t want my help. She just smiled, didn’t say thank you or anything and went back to talking to her friend. And it got me thinking, each person’s journey through cancer is so unique. I still don’t want help from people who have gone through what I have, but everyone knows how stubborn and pig headed I am about things. 😛 But through this experience I’ve learned I really want to help others if I can. If I can make their journey through this hell even a tiny bit better than it really makes me feel good….

Feeling: Positive