Cancer Day 15 & 16: Just Healing

Yesterday and today have been a haze of sleeping, eating, replying to all your lovely messages and just healing. The weather in London has been really sunny and warm which has been great for Evie playing in her grandparents garden. I can’t lift her yet which makes me a bit sad but I know I will be able to very soon.
We were going to just wait for our appointment on Monday to talk about egg harvesting etc but we don’t want to waste any time in getting through all of this so we are going to call today to get an appointment with someone.
I don’t know how I feel about all of this. Elliott says I don’t have cancer anymore but I feel I can’t accept that until I’m through the chemo and radiation. That will be awhile.
We are trying to plan a week away. We are considering everything from Italy to Thailand. Any suggestions let me know!

Feeling: Peaceful