Cancer Day 187 / Rad Session 15/20: Burnt

IMG_8071I’m throwing a little pity party for myself and everyone is invited! 🙁 My boob hurts. Probably a 5/10 just because I think my pain threshold is pretty high now. It’s a proper sunburn now. I’ve had sunburns before, but I can tell you that my nipple has never been burnt!! If you would have asked me even 7 months ago if I would ever have radiation burn I would have bet my life against it. Now here I am betting my life that this cures me. My vocabulary is riddled with C words. Cancer, Cure, Chemotherapy, Choice….all my choice. My choice to do this. Makes it so much harder to choke it down really. I am hoping beyond hopes that my sunburn doesn’t get much worse but I still have 5 more days. What it feels like is that I just baked a pie and took it out of the oven knowing that it’s still cooking even without the heat. My boob is cooking….
In other news I started all the vitamins/supplements today that my nutritionist has recommended and it’s a lot of pills. Like a lot. So many in fact that I had to purchase another pill container to house them all and my urine has been flourescent yellow all day. I’ll give it at least a couple months and see how I feel. My immune system has really taken a beating over the last few months (obviously) so I need to boost it. My levels last time were okay but still lowish and my liver has been compromised so no drinking for me unless it’s a super special occasion whilst my liver heals itself. The below are what I’ve started taking. I will have a blood test in a week to see if I need a Vitamin D and Calcium supplement because I don’t have much dairy in my diet.

I’m taking:
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 1 tablet 3x daily
Ultra ProBioplex ND capsule – Probiotic (having been on 2 months of antibiotics)
Immunoblast – Supplement to boost WBC and immunity through the winter
Women’s Multivitamin – Good multi vitamin and mineral
Celepro – antioxidant and phytochemical blend to target protection to cells from free radical damage

Feeling: Pained