Cancer Day 188 / Rad Session 16/20: So cheeky!

I had my checkup with my Radiographer. I’m not sure if that’s what she’s called but she’s in charge of my treatment. She had a look and is very pleased. I mentioned how my nipple feels as if it’s on fire and she said that it didn’t look so bad as to need a ‘special pink dressing’. So when I went downstairs to have my new boost of radiation, I mentioned to the guys there that the doctor had mentioned the ‘special pink dressing’, and after my treatment they gave me one to put on my nipple. Honestly amazing! They wet the dressing a bit first and a foam came up on it and then the pressure of my bra keeps it next to my nipple. As soon as they put it on it was SO much better. I decided that even though the doctor said I didn’t need it, why wait for it to get worse when it didn’t feel good now? I find that the different groups don’t really speak to each other unless it’s super important. Another example, I asked if I could keep my port after surgery and they said no, but then I said can I at least see it? To know what has caused me so many problems over the months and they said yes they’d let me see it. So when I woke up in recovery I got to see my port and they let me take it back to my room to show my husband. Then when we got upstairs we just put it in my handbag and no one ever asked for it! So we have it and it makes me feel strong to see it, like I’ve achieved something.
For the past couple weeks my hips/legs etc. have been really aching badly. There are all sorts of scary things could be. My Mom said it could be that the cancer has spread to the bones (thanks Mom!!) and I looked up that I might need a double hip replacement due to the chemo damaging my muscles. Turns out it’s just the estrogen having left my system due to my implant. So I’m not supposed to worry about anything. We asked my surgeon last week about it and he said they could give me something to kickstart my system but the other doctor today said it’s better to do this naturally. She obviously doesn’t have to deal with hot flashes and bone pain. So we’ll see about that!

Feeling: Cheeky