Cancer Day 28: All the IVF

Elliott won’t be happy with me, but I thirst for knowledge about tips and tricks to help me get through chemo. I’ve been looking at some special diets I could do (including fasting Rich!) that would help me. Apparently a low-fat, non sugar and non dairy diet would do wonders. I’m not sure how I’d give up my precious sugar though. Will have to think about that one. 😛
I’ve started to feel a bit of anxiety about the fertility treatment. We start on or around 30 June (what is supposed to be the second day of my period….and yes you’re welcome for that information!) I think it’s probably good that I’m getting distracted with other things. But the stuff I’ve seen about the chemicals they pump into you, I’m just not sure my emotions need any additional hormones added to them. This blog might just explode!!
For those that don’t know the IVF process, I take a shot every day for 8ish days to get my body to grow (or mature) more eggs. Usually you just mature one egg per cycle and we’re hoping for around 10 with the treatment. Then on about the 12th day they will put me under general anaesthesia for 15 minutes, go in with a needle and extract the eggs. Then they will fertilise them with Elliott to hopefully create embryos, and then they will freeze them. The whole process should be done and dusted by 12 July and I’m counting on it working because my oncologist won’t postpone chemo past the 16 July. Then in a couple years we’ll unfreeze a batch of eggs and implant two of them.
I’m anxious, but not afraid, too many other things to be afraid of right now I guess. But I’ll get back to you on that. Elliott is very excited to jab a needle into me everyday. I guess I should be extra nice to him!! 

Feeling: Amused