Cancer Day 40 / IVF Day 1: Sunday 28 June 2015

Well the build up was much more than the actual event. I was anxious all morning before we went and picked up my meds. And when Elliott started to come at me with the needle I was not impressed! He looked WAY too excited to be sticking a needle in my belly. I made him practice and wouldn’t let him come near me until he stopped grinning so broadly!IMG_6988But I can tell you that I didn’t even feel the needle. It’s the tiniest thing ever, and I didn’t even feel it go in. So here’s to IVF Day 1. Much much easier than I thought it would be. I could easily inject myself if Elliott wasn’t around.
Tomorrow I have an oncologist appointment in the morning where we have lots of questions for her, get another sick note for work, and get the consent form to start chemotherapy. We also need to schedule a meeting with the pharmacist at the Cancer Centre to understand what I can/can’t take whilst on the different medicines they will be putting me on.
Then in the afternoon we have an ultrasound scan to see how my follicles are responding to the meds and pick up more of the injection pens.
I just love two doctors appointments in one day!

Feeling: Meh