Cancer Day 39: And so it begins…

Well I woke up to a fairly unwanted surprise this morning. It seems my cycle has hit 4 days early. We don’t have any of the first stage injections and haven’t even been taught how to do them so I was in a bit of a panic. Ended up finding the mobile number of a nurse and let her know my situation. She was able to call around and on Sunday we’ll go in and get some lessons and pick up the injections.
But I was really upset as I had hoped for just one more weekend of normalcy. I remember my surgeon asking me if I wanted to hold off on surgery because he said once you start everything then you can’t stop. You have to finish and won’t have a break until it’s all done. Well now I know exactly what he means because this is the beginning of all of it. So here we go, Day 1 IVF starts tomorrow.

Feeling: Tired