Cancer Day 50 / IVF Day 10: Call me Mrs Borg

Finally got my appointment for my port to be installed, looking forward to Monday. (not really)
Friday they put me under for a few minutes and take my eggs, and Monday they put me under for a few minutes and put in my port. At least I’ll have the weekend to be myself. 🙂
I was really upset Tuesday. It just seems that everyone around me is having amazing, life-changing wonderful things happen to them/for them and I’m getting ready to have the direct opposite, the direct antithesis. I feel I’ve been doing SO well. Handling things in my stride as the day gets closer and closer but I then slip, stumble and crash. I get lost in my head for an hour or so and then resurface wondering why I felt so bad, almost like it didn’t happen. I’m hoping that maybe the hormones are amplifying my feelings? It’s weird because I’ll start an injection next week that shuts down my ovaries to help protect them during chemo. And then I’ll have the opposite problem. It will be similar to menopause. Hot flashes, etc. I really am on a bad roller coaster.
But good news is that I spoke to a dietitian who specialises in cancer and she doesn’t want me to change my diet yet. She says my whole goal is to maintain my weight (not to lose any) and she’ll see me after my first round to see what my major side effects are and we’ll go from there. I am relieved because I don’t think I could lose my precious chocolate right now.

Feeling: Okay