Cancer Day 53 / IVF Day 13: Almost there…

devonhospitalWednesday we took the trigger injection, which forces the eggs to mature and that was my last injection (which I gave myself) and I’m not going to lie. The fluid in that one burned in my belly for two days.
But it seems it was all worth it because this morning they got 8 eggs out of me!! I’m so relieved.  🙂 So even if only 6 become embryos, then that’s a great amount for us to freeze. They will call us tomorrow and let us know how many will be frozen.
My anesthetist today knew my surgeon and all the people I’ve been working with at the hospital. He was lovely and it makes me feel so much better having an amazing team that’s helping me through all this.
I’ve also filled my Goserlin injection, which I’ll have implanted just under the skin on Tuesday morning.
So all good news!! 🙂

Feeling: Proud