Cancer Day 61 / Chemo Session 1/7: My girl’s back

Got to pick up my girl today! My mood changed dramatically and I feel so much happier having my baby with me. But I’m also feeling very tired now, and my bones hurt. My right hip and my knees, and then my shins. I feel super achy and just not myself. I’m still on the anti-nausea tablets and also on the steroids so I’m eating etc. okay. But yesterday afternoon I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to lay down for 45 minutes.
I’m very scared and very anal about everything now. I just can’t get sick. I know this is only 4 months long, but I’m already not feeling like myself. 🙁

Feeling: Scared

Today’s Symptoms:
Hot flashes
Light fatigue
Bone pain (right hip primarily)