Cancer Day 60 / Chemo Session 1/7: Up all Night

Cancer Day 60 / Chemo Session 1/7: Friday 17 July 2015
60 days since my cancer diagnosis! I can’t believe everything that’s happened since then. Surgery, Egg harvesting, port installation, and now chemo. What a whirlwind! A friend of mine went through something similar and suggested I get a counsellor. I’m not sure I need one just yet, but maybe I’ll need to reach out to others who’ve been through chemo when I’m on Session 4 and needing strength to just make it to the next one. I have no idea!
But after my miserable Friday night, I can honestly say I feel really good. I’m tired, feel worn out but I’m wondering if that wasn’t more to do with the emotional buildup leading to Thursday.
We went wig shopping today and picked out a couple good ones (as good as they can be for being wigs). Elliott kept wanting me to go really out there but I really just want to look like myself, feel as normal as possible and hope that I can go out and not have people stare at me.
We had a nice lunch out and came home. I’m just really tired, but can’t sleep. I’ve had insomnia the last couple of nights
I keep seeing all the amazingly generous donations come in for my cutting my hair and it’s so overwhelming. I’m almost at my target and it’s only been a couple days! Thank you so much for sticking through this with me. I can tell you that it really is helping me.

Feeling: Tired

Today’s Symptoms:
Hot flashes
Dry throat
Face/neck and arm flushing red
Light fatigue