Cancer Day 59 / Chemo Session 1/7: Part 2

Spoke too soon! Around 6pm my nausea kicked in. It was like being on a bad boat ride. I saw myself in the mirror and it didn’t look like me. I was actually green.
I dry heaved for around 4 hours, trying to eat pasta that Ell had made for me. Hot and cold flashes. The hot ones make my skin feel like it’s on fire and the cold ones make me shake uncontrollably. Still trying to drink all my water and stay hydrated, flush the chemicals out of my system.
Finally I had Ell call the hospital to find out if this was all normal. Whilst on the phone with them I threw up into my bowl of pasta! lol Poor Elliott. He’s such a good husband. He just took the pasta bowl away and cleaned it out for me.
The hospital said to go ahead and take a nausea pill (I have three different kinds!) well soon after I was able to get some sleep, slept until 3 am and woke up starving. So Ell made me some new pasta and I ate all of it, had a chat with my Dad, took a couple more nausea pills and went back to bed. I would have slept the whole rest of the night if it wasn’t for having to wee so much. The nurse said yesterday I was weeing for England!! lol

Feeling: Okay