Cancer Free / Day 217: Pneumonia :(

What an insane week!!! We’ve just got back from a little family holiday to Sweden where we went to celebrate Midsummer with our friends. Before we even left we weren’t sure whether to go as Evie had been complaining about her ear and had a cough, but we quickly zoomed to the doctor and got her an antibiotic and pretty soon we were in sunny Sweden. But no sooner had we put our cases down then Evie vomited all over the bed we were to sleep in! Fast forward 24 hours and we drove the 1.5 hours into Stockholm to have her checked out but by the next morning she was fine….all a viral thing.
But by then I had caught her cough and my temp was up and down. Monday night was a flurry of 40 degree temps and my own bouts of sickness so even though we were set to fly home Tuesday we took another trip to the hospital and to cut a long story short I was diagnosed with pneumonia and wheeled into my own room (after a 9 hour wait).
It turns out that my immune system is not actually back and at full function. Elliott called my oncologist and she let us know that pneumonia after chemo is very common and that my immune system won’t really be back until a year after chemo.
So now I’m on two antibiotics, I hack the worst stuff up I’ve ever seen, and I don’t have much energy. I get out of breath doing basic things. And the two nights in hospital really made me feel as if I was back in cancer land. All the tests, the needles, the residue from the tapes and bandages…
But I had the nicest people taking care of me. My room was lovely and in the end I didn’t mind the terrible food because I’ve lost my appetite almost completely.
I’m just glad to be home, in my own bed. I have at least the next week off to rest and heal and I intend on doing exactly that. Xx

Feeling: Tired