Cancer Free / Day 231: Cancer Free – Confirmed!

Well things are starting to really look up. Maybe that’s real, maybe it’s in my head, but otherwise I’m feeling more happy and more relieved about it all. I didn’t realise how badly I felt from having pneumonia until I was out of hospital and feeling better.
So some good news, I had my first yearly review by my surgeon on Monday. Had a mammogram and ultrasound and it’s all clear. I won’t have to see him again until next January. He’s also not happy with how my scar from my port is healing and says we can look at it in another year and if it’s still angry looking we can do things to fix it.
I also had an appointment with a respiratory therapist who isn’t concerned about my lungs and doesn’t think my cancer has spread so no need for a CT to rule it out just yet. I’m being referred to a physio to help clear mucus out of my lungs and we’re going to work on building my immunity to help ‘get me through winter’. I’ll be having the pneumonia vaccine which in the UK is given to the over 65s. eek! And I’ve been advised that it’s IMPERATIVE I figure out how to start working out a few times a week. So I’m looking at how to do that….I’ve also signed up for regular acupuncture to boost my immune system.
In other news I’ve also ascertained that my girl system is fully back on and working, so I won’t need to stress about that anymore. I did sort of figure that out as I’m not having hot flashes anymore! woo-hoo!!
I’ve been having dreams lately that I’m through the worst of all of it. That I will get to see Evie when she’s a grown up, that I will have more babies and I can’t explain to you how much relief that gives me…how HAPPY that makes me!!

Feeling: Happy