Cancer Free / Day 296: No more needles :(

You would think that after having SO many needles put into me last year that I would be okay with a few more, but I seem to have gone the other way. Elliott booked me in for my pneumonia vaccine and my flu vaccine yesterday and I was SO anxious beforehand. I’ve felt amazing since I had pneumonia and I wasn’t looking forward to the inevitable achy/cold like feeling you get after having a vaccine. I knew that they were going to help me get through the winter but any doctors/hospitals etc. now send my pulse into a frenzy.
I never went to see the respiratory therapist again nor the respiratory physio. I know that I probably should have but I have had ZERO problems breathing. No allergies, nothing and the last thing I want to do when I’m feeling so good and so strong is to spend time inside doctor’s offices.
So here I am, with my lovely little family, looking forward to my one year post-treatment anniversary at the end of November. Hoping to eventually find and a buy a house we love, and fingers-crossed will book a holiday away today to look forward to as well!

Feeling: Happy