Cancer Free / Day 52: Well that was unexpected!

Well I’m absolutely shattered. Plus I’m in some considerable pain. Back, hips and knees are aching from my journey back into my first day at work in over 19 months.
Highlight: Even though my whole team is gone there are some really great people who are there and they made me feel welcome. Lots of hugs for DY today. 😀
Funniest moment: A guy I’ve worked a couple times ran into me, the conversation went like this:
Guy: ‘Welcome back Devon, you got a haircut!’
Devon: ‘Yeah, um yes I did’ (Mouth wide open in complete awe)
Guy: ‘So you’re back from maternity leave?’
Devon: ‘Yep, I’m back now’
WHAT!? I just couldn’t stop laughing after he walked away. I didn’t know what to say? In some ways it was great, perfect almost. But I did feel bad later. I hope he doesn’t find out from someone and then feel like an ass. He didn’t know and it was nice that he remembered my long blonde hair and that I even left to have a baby. But I’ve been gone 19 months! That’s quite a luxurious maternity leave even in the UK.
So tomorrow we have Evie’s first settling in session for nursery. It feels so strange my little girl so grown up and me going back to work. But nice to not be drowning in constant cancer crap anymore.
Feeling: Good