Cancer Free / Day 55: The Queen

I am the QUEEN of being too hard on myself. I know this and I know I’m supposed to be giving myself a break but it’s so hard to keep that in mind. Work was good and the people were so welcoming but I’m already not paying enough attention to my diet and nutrition. I will need to make that a top priority especially if sugar intake caused my breast cancer.
What’s nice is that I keep forgetting. I forget at work that I had cancer. It’s about my skills and the value that I have. I’m not defined by anything else. I’m doing a good job of writing everything down (memory issues). Plus there’s a woman there who has had several maternity breaks and knows exactly what it’s like to come back to work after an extended break. Even though she’s super busy she’s given me her time and attention and that makes me feel very lucky.
I just wish I’d hurry up and be okay already. That things I’m faced with could come more easily. I would think that with all I’ve been through then I could at least have that wish. But I guess not.
Feeling: Okay