Cancer Free / Day 78: Just a normal Sunday

Last Sunday we went to a special session of church called ‘A Celebration of Marriage’. It was to celebrate all those who have been married in the church. During the service they usually do a session where they pray for people, and I’ve been on their list for months, but this day I wasn’t. And I was so happy to not be on their list. It felt like a relief that I was able to make it off!
Friday was the last day with Brie (our Nanny) and I’m really sad about it. 🙁 Not only did she help us every day for the entire time of our ordeal but we’ve gotten used to seeing her smiling face with us. Elliott especially loved that even when I was crying and my hair was falling out that Brie took everything in her stride and made our lives easier. This week is my first 4 day week with not only taking Evie to her Grandparent’s house for one day but also a full day with Evie on my own. Ell is of course travelling so it’s up to me to do it all. I feel overwhelmed with it and am hoping to take things slowly and not feel too stressed by all of it. I guess it’s back to reality even though I’m not up to full strength yet. Not sure how long that will take?? I’m definitely better but it’s still a work in progress.
Feeling: Proud