CANCER, PART 2: DAY 127: Holy Postponey

Goodness what a roller coaster this whole cancer/chemo thing is! Wednesday was just awful, sick as a dog with the cha chas. But the worst part is the stomach cramps. Double-over in pain, sweating, can’t breathe stomach cramps. So Wednesday was basically a bust for me.
Then yesterday I went to have my blood checked as was SUPPOSED to have treatment today but my neutrophils were .14!!! That’s like non-existent! So they made me wait for three hours to get the full blood count to make sure I wasn’t hiding some random infection. When they finally let me go home I was just over the moon happy!
Fast forward to today and I go back for blood work again and my neutrophils have jumped up to .59. Still need to be careful but at least they are improving. All being well I’ll have treatment on Monday…the bad thing is that my hemoglobin is low and it’s causing my heart to race. I am a bit anemic but I have been this whole time. That’s just a normal side effect. So I need to take it a bit easy, no running around etc. and just relax. But I’m starting to get past that week of right after I have treatment and feel awful. Except for my heart racing I feel very happy and I only have one more treatment left! Only one more and then I can be a lovely normal person again! Only one more and I can get back to loving and living my life! I just am so excited, I can’t wait!!! 🙂 xoxoxo