CANCER, PART 2: DAY 22: Telling Evie

I’ve been trying to figure out how much to tell Evie and when. The first time we went through this she was so small. None of it mattered, she didn’t notice anything. This time around it will be a bit different, but should still be okay.

I remember my oncologist saying before that it’s easier with small children because they just get on with things. That when they’re older (20s+) it becomes more difficult because you have to take care of them too.

When Evie was having her lunch today and Elliott was in the shower, I told her that Mummy has an ouchie on her boob, and that I’m going to go into hospital for a few days so they can fix it. That Nanny, GaGa and Daddy will be taking care of her and that she’s my very special girl and I love her guts. I explained to her that she’s perfectly fine and it’s just Mummy who needs to be fixed. That I wouldn’t be home for a few days and that I’d really miss her.

Then I started crying so she gave me a cuddle and told me it was going to be okay.

She asked about my other ouchie (my original port scar) and asked if it was going to be fixed, I sorta laughed and said in a way it would be.

I love her crazy hair and her big blue eyes. She lifts my spirit so much. I hate thinking I’m going to be away from her for so long.

About two minutes later I took this photo and she was back to being her fun, silly self.